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Promotional Power Banks

Printed promotional power banks are the new must have, incredibly useful accessory for all us that have become so dependent on smartphones and tablets.

The problem with these new toys is the drain on battery life, the power bank is your spare battery.

Power banks are easily recharged or topped up via laptop or computer USB ports.

Available with different battery sizes measured in mAh, or milliampere-hour, that is 1000th of an amp per hour

Power banks have about 70% to 80% efficiency, the rest of the energy is lost to heat, so to charge an iphone 5s with a 1900 mAh battery the 2800 mAh Powerbank is a good entry level power bank battery size.

Promotional Power Banks will be the new, must have promotional gift for 2015. The range of shapes, styles, colours, branding opportunities, packaging and cable options is changing all the time, please call us for the very latest styles available.

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